Our Mission BIZREG.NG

Build your business fearlessly, we will ensure it is legally


Imagine running your business with visiting the courts and police stations frequently, imagine all your business ideas and trade secrets properly secured, imagine building a strong brand with perpetual impact, imagine going to bed at night with rest of mind is legal team working hard to protect your business. Just imagine.

Our mission is help young entrepreneurs minimise expensive mistakes, build legal structure for sustainable growth and give young brands legal protection.


  • Entrepreneurs, churches, NGOs and the groups seeking to register organizations and at legal protection
  • Entrepreneurs intending to start and build strong and sustainable businesses and attract valuable investors
  • Creative seeking and online business operators seeking to protect their contents, data, innovations and business ideas
  • Business organizations in need of legal restructuring
  • Commercial traders and individual of legal advice in handling their day to day commercial transactions
  • Individuals and organizations seeking to acquire property or invest the real estate business
  • Business whose interest is comply with business regulatory requirements in Nigeria
  • Non-Nigerians seeking to business in Nigeria or partner with Nigerian firms


  • Client satisfaction


  • Commitment


  • Education


  • Excellence


  • Professionalism


  • Team work and collaborations



Registering your business/organization is the first step to take when building a strong business/organization. Whether it is formed for profit making, for a charitable course, as an interest group to promote education or religion we will help you choose the right legal structure to match your long term goals before we register your business or organization. Growth is the core desire of every organization and with growth come changes; changes from increase in share capital to change of directors, addition and removal of trustees, conversion from one legal structure to another or changes on registration file to reflect your new status, we will help you through any process.


With the advent of technology and increase digitalization of commercial transactions, it has become imperative that businesses and organizations prioritize the protection of their data and information. We will advise you on the best practice.


Facing a legal battle in court, let’s act as your advocate.


For an employer seeking to have an all-encompassing employment contracts, or a commercial trader having daily business contracts and agreement, or an organization seeking partnerships, mergers or debt recovery. We all enter into contracts daily consciously or unconsciously, we always advocate that all business agreements be written down; this aids clarity and serves as an evidence in case of disputes. We will help you draft and review your contracts taking into consideration your best interest.


Creation of your mind, Work of art, Inventions, Trademarks, Designs, Symbols, Names and Business logos all form part of your intellectual property. Registering your Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights, and protecting your business ideas, trade secrets and brand identity should be top of your priority. We will advise you on the best practice and help you through the process.


For non profit organisations seeking legal opinions on best practices, Non-Nigerians seeking to join in the formation of Nigerian companies, for Nigerian businesses seeking to employ aliens and for young Nigerian entrepreneurs with global vision. Bizreg will guide you and ensure you are legally compliant and protected while working towards your goals.


From preparing,your tenancy agreements, lease, deeds of assignment to conducting due diligence search with relevant authorities, we will ensure your best interest is protected. Owning a property is a big deal and investing in real estate requires due diligence because this area of investment is prone to fraud and manipulation. We will guide and walk you through this journey to ensure safe transactions.


Business activities can be overwhelming; managing the day to day activities of a business comes with a lot of regulatory restrictions. We will take the stress off your shoulders by serving as your company secretary and compliance officer ensuring you acquire the necessary licenses required for your business. We will serve as liaison between you and government agencies, and also help you with activities such as filling of annual tax returns, handling task obligations, due diligence corporate searches amongst others.

Meet The Founder

Kindness Njideka Nduba (LLB, B.L) is founder, bizreg.ng and the managing consultant “bizreg legal and consulting services.”

She is Nigerian business and intellectual property lawyer with keen interest in start-ups and the growing businesses, trademarks as well as expert in incorporation, legal writing and research. Trained by Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS) on cybercrimes and electronic evidence, kindness advice business organizations on data protection, privacy and cyber security.

Working with over 500 startups, Kindness advocates legal structuring and brand protection for startups and creatives, has discovered major challenge faced by young Nigerian entrepreneurs.

In addition, kindness is human right activist and strong advocate against death penalty trainee of Avocats Sans Frontières France (ASF), Cornel Law School Center on Death Penalty Worldwide, at Law graduate the University of Jos and has been called to Nigerian Bar.

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